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Getting Started

Step 2: One-off installation

This procedure varies from one video manufacturer to another. A complete explanation of the installation process should be included in your product manual.

If you still can not get the product to function you should consult the retailer where you purchased the product.

As a last resort or for video recorders that are older you should contact the manufacturer direct for instructions and explanation. (see list of Manufacturers)

Step 2a: Setting up your video for VIDEO Plus+ recording

  • Set the Date and Time.

  • Tune, automatically or manually depending on the video, all the channels that may be received.

  • Ensure the ShowView Guide Channel Mapping has been set up correctly.
For the video recorder to be able to decode this number, it needs to know on which video pre-set the channel is found.
This procedure is called Guide Channel Mapping.

Step 2b: Guide Channel Mapping

What is ShowView Guide Channel Mapping?

As mentioned before, the channel number is one of the essential parameters involved in the successful operation of ShowView. If your video recorder?s sequence of channels differs from the ShowView Channel Mapping list, you won?t record what you originally set out to record.

For example: after completing Step 2, (i.e. tuning the channels to the different pre-sets on the video) the user has:

BBC 1 on Preset 1
BBC 2 on Preset 2
ITV on Preset 3

BBC 1 has been allocated ShowView Guide Channel number of 001.
BBC 2 has been allocated ShowView Guide Channel number of 002.
ITV has been allocated ShowView Guide Channel number of 003.

So each UK channel is allocated a different Guide channel number:

For example:

Guide Channel 001 (BBC 1) has to be mapped to Preset 1.
Guide Channel 002 (BBC 2) has to be mapped to Preset 2.
Guide Channel 003 (ITV) has to be mapped to Preset 3.

The full list of Guide Channel Mapping codes can be found in the video recorder manual and on this website.
(see list of Channel List)

Nowadays most video recorders have a menu for Guide Channel Mapping, making the process automatic. If a ShowView number is entered for a channel that has not been previously mapped (if e.g. it is a new channel) the video recorder will prompt the user to include this new channel in the channel list.

Nevertheless, if you have any problems while Channel Mapping your video recorder, please contact your manufacturer help-line. (see list of Manufactures)