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PDC stands for Programme Delivery Control and VPS stands for Video Programming Control and are European Broadcasting Standard that has been introduced to counteract last minute programming changes by Broadcasters. They are essentially the same feature. PDC/VPS is a different but complementary product to VIDEO Plus+.

VIDEO Plus+ numbers are generated by a calculation using the following parameters: Date, Channel number, Start Time and End Time of the programme. The PDC/VPS label also operates on a very similar concept.

  1. What is the PDC/VPS label?

During transmission the broadcaster tags each TV programme with a unique signal which is transmitted for the entire duration of the programme. This signal is referred to as a PDC/VPS label. It is sent at the beginning of a particular programme and continues up to its end.
If a broadcaster changes their schedules, a video recorder set up with the original time with or without VIDEO Plus+, will end up recording the wrong program. But if the broadcaster uses PDC/VPS and the video recorder is also equipped with this facility, both features work together ensuring the video records the right programme!

  1. How is this possible?

If the PDC/VPS signal is transmitted by the broadcaster, the video ignores the time parameter in the PlusCode and waits for an overriding PDC/VPS signal to tell it when the programme is to be recorded. This is why even when the TV scheduled gets changed at the very last minute, VIDEO Plus+ will 'follow' the PDC/VPS signal and continue or stop recording depending on the programme modified duration.

  1. What are the advantages of the PDC/VPS system?

The PDC/VPS system allows the viewer to record whatever programme they want to record even if there has been a change in the programme schedules.

For example:

  1. Programme delayed - the video recorder will not start recording until it sees the relevant PDC/VPS label - e.g. schedule changed due to insertion of a news bulletin.
  2. Programme extended - the video recorder will carry on recording for as long as it can see the PDC/VPS label - e.g. extra time is played in a football match.
  3. Programme early - the video recorder should detect this and start recording.
  4. Programme cancelled - the video recorder will not record anything, as there will be no PDC/VPS label.

  1. How do I use PDC/VPS?

  • Each video recorder will have a PDC/VPS On and PDC/VPS Off facility.
  • If the channel to be recorded emits a PDC/VPS signal, make sure your PDC/VPS facility is set to ON.
  • If the channel to be recorded does NOT emit a PDC/VPS signal (or is testing), make sure PDC/VPS is set to OFF.
  • If you leave your PDC/VPS facility set to 'on' and the broadcaster does not emit a PDC/VPS signal then the programme will not be recorded as the video is waiting for the new start or end time from the PDC/VPS override signal.
  • If broadcaster does NOT emit PDC/VPS, please use the ADD TIME function.

NOTE: most modern video recorders will recognise automatically whether a programme is broadcasted with PDC/VPS or not, therefore they will set up the PDC/VPS label On / Off by themselves.

  1. Which broadcasters emit the PDC/VPS signal?

Please note that NOT all broadcasters in your territory emit the PDC/VPS signal in their broadcasting, please refer to them for more detailed information.

As mentioned before, VIDEO Plus+ and PDC/VPS are different technologies, developed by different companies. All queries regarding the broadcast of PDC/VPS signal should be addressed to the respective broadcaster.